Syrah - Faure Vineyard

Farm: Faure Vineyards
Variety: Syrah
Soil: Very rocky soil. Granite, dolorite, quartz
and shale are seen throughout.

This site is on an easterly aspect facing
the Helderberg Mountain. It's proximity
to the ocean (3km) means it receives a
consistent afternoon sea breeze cooling off
during the growing season. Vines planted in



Farm: Newlands
Variety: Pinot Gris
Soil: Gravel, sand and chunks of 'koffieflip' throughout.

The site is a on an easterly slope
facing towards Stellenbosch.
Planted on 2005 it is a relatively young block,
yet it is already in great balance. A super early ripening block,
we normally pick this in January, first fruit in.


Farm: Eikenhof
Variety: Clairette Blanche
Soil: A rather sandy profile with decomposed
granite throughout.

A unique vineyard as we believe it is
one of the only, if not last, vineyards
of Clairette in Stellenbosch. It is planted
in the 'train track' method with basically
a single wire which is not really used anymore.



Farm: Faure Vineyards
Variety: Pinot Noir
Soil: Decomposed granite, sand with
clay subsoil.

This block lies on probably one of the
'coolest' sites in Stellenbosch on a
south-westerly slope facing False Bay
which is 4km away. 100% planted to
clone 115 it is a relatively low yielding
block and loves to be picked nice and
early. Planted in 1998.

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